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Factory Direct Supply Life Size Bronze Gold Jesus Statue Catholic Church Decor for Sale BKOO-641,High Quality,Affordable Price

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Life Size Bronze Gold Jesus Statue Catholic Church Decor for Sale BKOO-641

Life Size Bronze Gold Jesus Statue Catholic Church Decor for Sale BKOO-641

Do you want a bronze gold Jesus statue with high quality and smooth surface? Trevi cast this religious statue with the traditional lost wax method, which would produce a good surface. If you would like to buy a sculpture like this, please contact us quickly.
Item No: BOKK-641
Size: Customized
Material: Casting Bronze
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Technique: Lost Wax Method
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Application: Garden/Church
Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

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Project Introduction:

This bronze statue shows us an image of gold Jesus. We could see Jesus kindly stretch out his hands. He has a holy heart on his chest. The golden dress of the whole body seems to be a dazzling light from the sky shining on Jesus, which makes us feel very holy. Delicate workmanship has always been a hallmark of our Trevi. We could see from this sculpture how smooth its appearance is, so realistic that we thought it was real Jesus appeared in front of us.


bronze Jesus statue-Trevi sculpture


Excellent Top Masters in Trevi:

Trevi has been making religious sculptures for decades. Our producing masters are not only experienced and skilled, they are also devout Catholics. They have a deep understanding of religious figures. These masters always make religious sculptures with great respect, trying to make them as perfect as they could. At the same time, they would continue to learn new knowledge, new technologies, and constantly improve themselves. After all, it is our relentless pursuit to provide our customers with high-quality and beautiful sculptures.


life size bronze sculpture-Trevi sculpture


Other Bronze Jesus:

In addition to the above bronze sculptures of Jesus reaching out, we also have other types of bronze sculptures of Jesus. For example Bronze sculptures of the Holy Infant Jesus and the Virgin Mary, Bronze sculptures of the Passion of Jesus, Bronze sculptures of Jesus lovingly looking at believers, etc. These bronze sculptures are well made and realistic. You won’t be disappointed with them.


jesus statue for sale-Trevi sculpture


Good Packaging:

Good packaging is very important during transportation, which could avoid the loss of goods in transportation. You could believe Trevi’s packaging because our packaging is very strong. First, we would wrap thick soft foams on the surface of the bronze sculpture, and then put the bronze sculptures into a strong wooden crate. Tight packaging enables our sculptures to withstand all kinds of bumps in the road, making it safe to reach customers’ homes.


jesus garden statue -Trevi sculpture


Trevi would be your best choice if you would like to buy a bronze religious sculpture. Please contact us immediately by phone or by email.

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