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Factory Direct Supply Life Size Catholic Bronze Pieta Statue Outdoor Decor for Sale BOKK-125,High Quality,Affordable Price

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Life Size Catholic Bronze Pieta Statue Outdoor Decor for Sale BOKK-125

Life Size Catholic Bronze Pieta Statue Outdoor Decor for Sale BOKK-125

What a realistic bronze Pieta statue is! Trevi made this bronze sculpture with the traditional lost wax method, which would show us a quite good surface effect. If you would like to buy this sculpture, please feel free to contact us quickly.
Item No: BOKK-125
Size: Customized
Material: Casting Bronze
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Technique: Lost Wax Method
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Application: Garden/Church
Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

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Description of this Bronze Statue:

This large statue for sale shows us an image of Pieta. We all know that Pieta means pity or sympathy and represents Mary gazing sadly at the corpse of her son in her lap. Pieta shows us the greatness and selflessness of Jesus and Mary’s love for Jesus. Everyone who sees this sculpture would be moved by it, especially Catholics. You could place this life-size religious statue in your garden, in a church, or in a school.



Realistic Clay Mold Making:

Clay mold making is a necessary step in our bronze sculpture production processes. Through clay mold making, our top masters could 100% restore this sculpture during the casting process. We have professional clay modeling masters who have rich experience in clay mold making, and they are all loyal Catholics. Therefore, the bronze religious sculptures born from them could be so realistic.


clay mold making of bronze Pieta statue -Trevi sculpture


Other Religious Sculptures:

Trevi is a professional sculpture-making factory. We have a lot of kinds of bronze religious sculptures besides the bronze Pieta replica for sale. For example, our lady of Fatima statue, our lady of Grace statue, our lady of Guadalupe statue, Saint Francis statues, Saint Michael statues, Saint Joseph statues, etc. These statues are all lifelike. We promise that you could find your favorite bronze religious statues here with so many types for you to choose from.


other types of life size religious statues-Trevi sculpture


Relatively Low Price for You:

There are two main reasons for the low price for customers as follows. First, diverse clay molds of religious sculptures have been made in Trevi. If you would like to buy the sculptures we have clay molds, you could save a lot of money. Second, Trevi provides the one-stop services of sculpture making and shipping. So, there would be no middlemen earning a difference during this process. Therefore, we could give customers a quite favorable price.


Trevi Factory


What are you still waiting for? If you would like to buy sculptures, please come to Trevi and contact us.




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