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Factory Direct Supply Life Size Blessed Virgin Mary Marble Statue Church Decor for Sale CHS-836,High Quality,Affordable Price

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Life Size Blessed Virgin Mary Marble Statue Church Decor for Sale CHS-836

Life Size Blessed Virgin Mary Marble Statue Church Decor for Sale CHS-836

What a beautiful and lifelike blessed Virgin statue is! It is a truly masterful carving product in Trevi. The shiny and smooth surface makes it quite delicate. If you also would like to have a such marble statue, please contact us quickly.
Item Number: CHS-836
Size: 180cm(71”) or customized size
Material: Natural marble
Technique: Hand carved, polished
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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Product Details:

Trevi made this our lady of knock statue with A-grade natural marble, which has fine natural veins. This statue for sale portrays us a quite beautiful and gentle Virgin statue. Wearing a crown, she stretched out her hands and looked up, as if praying for people. Such a delicate and kind Virgin statue could be placed in a garden, church, school, or other public places. When passersby see this beautiful lifesize religious statue at first glance, they would be surprised by her.


blessed Virgin Mary statue-Trevi sculpture


Natural Marble Materials:

In order to better guarantee the quality of the products, Trevi uses natural marble to make marble sculptures. Natural marble has good and beautiful veins. The sculptures made of natural stone are not only high-quality but also exquisite. And Trevi has many types of natural marble materials for customers to choose from. Such as chicken blood-red marble, pure white marble produced in Fangshan, Egyptian beige marble, green marble produced in Shandong, black stone, and so on. These are sourced from well-known natural stone production bases. So, customers could believe the high quality of our products.


diverse materials of Virgin Mary marble statue-Trevi sculpture


Hand-Carved Polishing:

We could see the shiny and smooth surface of the Virgin statue for sale. This is because the top masters do the hand-carved polishing to the surface of it. These top masters have rich experience in polishing because they learn polishing from a young age. Therefore, the Virgin marble statue gives people a sleek feeling. Also, even if the marble statue is placed outdoor for a long time, it would still look like a new one.


making of Virgin Mary statue for sale-Trevi sculpture


Diverse Mary Statues:

Trevi has a lot of beautiful life-size religious statues for you to choose from. The Virgin Mary with her hands outstretched, the Virgin Mary with her hands together, the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus in her arms, etc. These marble Madonnas are quite lifelike.


lifesize religious statues -Trevi sculpture


Trevi could also provide you with a relatively low price if you would like to buy these lifesize religious statues. Therefore, please contact us as soon as possible.

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